Research and development department of Pars Azmaye Teb Co., Coincided with the founding of the company and before providing the first product to market started its activities. This department utilizes expert knowledge of various sciences such dermatology, pharmacology, pharmacy, biology, chemistry and biochemistry Inside the complex, as well as other experts in the relevant sciences at colleges and research institute in the country, joined the innovation and creativity in new products and effort to maintain innovation and creativity mission in trying new products continually. In previous years research and development department involved in Association with abroad research centers and faculty involved in international activities, this department moreover planning several projects to develop formulations that meet the terms of competitiveness on a global level. Continuously in any way review the oldest products and also plans to promote its products. This department also spontaneously and apart from all the usual tests proceeds to design and conduct of clinical study and evaluation of products with similar foreign products. Presenting Specialize training workshops, congresses and internal and external seminars research papers at home and abroad, translation and compilation books are other activities of this department.

In the year 2004 by forming a research core, “pars Azmaye Teb Group” commenced its activities with the support of some of its young researchers and with a sheer research overlook, far from industrial and manufacturing prospects.


Office: No. 2, 2nd allay, across Kourosh shopping center,after Hemmat Highway, South Sattari highway,Tehran.Iran

phone: 02145857000